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There are several things that are required to set up in project milestone before your team members can even begin their work activity. TeamOB provides reports on real time to compare ongoing progress against the time spend on each task activity, since they are to be set up before each task can be executed. TeamOB provides effective and convenience in breaking task and time factor required to achieving your targets.

As we configure task TeamOB provides several ways that apply dimensions to how users are allowed to track and view time. This is where you can turn on the reports to check overall tracking of your project at any given time. Also, Every Task completion can be configured in several ways to notify the administrator or user.

TeamOB Team helps you to stay focused, plan effectively & meet deadlines. The software is 100% spyware, worm free and does not collect any personal information from your computer. It simply takes a snap of your desktop on regular intervals and uploads this to secure web space.

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We are a team of passionate professionals bringing together synergies in web technologies especially in automation of business house execution.

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