What is TeamOB ?

TeamOB is an end-to-end organization intelligent tool that identifies capabilities of individuals that performs and pinpoint the areas where there are performance related issues. It works from the ground up level and build intelligence on the data that is collected across different areas of the organization hierarchy. It provides basis for strategy planning and modeling by being able to create a predictive scorecard based on cost and profitability. It can be integrated with other budgeting, planning and reporting tools like HRM and Payroll for comparative workforce analytics. It offers user friendly platform to schedule tasks, track time, visualize current and past works, calculate productive time. The information provided by TeamOB can be used in project management, HR activity, Account department and by strategy planner of an enterprise. This allows recent and more updated Information flow across different departments consistently, with the ability to access key informations from the comforts of your own computer.

Why it is required ?

Inconsistent data

Information flows in from multiple sources and is probably not consistent though organizational estate

Timely information

With IT facing ever-increasing demands, decision makers often are unable to get the information they need when they need it

Accessing and manipulating data

Business users spend too much time sorting, filtering and importing data into environments for analysis and formatting

Complying with standard and norms

When workload Increase working group normally tend to ignore the standard procedure resulting into low quality output

Risk and security

Data security and Information threats are the major challenges of modern day enterprise, Every enterprise spends major share of its spending

How can TeamOB Benefit to Different Departments

Information Technology

Clarify the real costs and value of your information assets, and identify the best projects and strategies to maximize that value.

Human Resources

With a holistic view of your workforce, analyze and optimize human capital.


Create a cohesive, holistic perspective of true costs and profitability. Understand all internal and external risks and effectively manage regulatory compliance. Forecast scenarios and design optimization strategies.


Understand the strength of the organization and formulate more effective ways to maximize opportunities


Analyze spend and team performance, so you can make strategic decisions and procure efficient team

 Manage Team
 Manage Clients
 Manage Projects
 Review Workdiary
 Review Timesheet
 Project Report
 User Reports

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We are a team of passionate professionals bringing together synergies in web technologies especially in automation of business house execution.

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