Man-hour calculation

Man Hours

TeamOB weekly timelog report makes it easy to summarize total hrs spent by each team member on a particular project during a given period. This report is available on a single click.

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Performance reports

Analyze individual performance

It is always required by a senior management to know performance of his team over the period. It is also very useful to compare the performance on year to year basis. TeamOB performance report makes it easy. You can see on weekly/monthly and yearly basis, how productive your team members are.

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Project reports

Know your project goal

TeamOB help project manager to know total hrs spent on each project during a specified period.

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Attendance report

Attendance reports

Along with project reports if one get availability of his team members on same platform that will make the work easy. TeamOB takes care of this. You can link your biomatrix system with TeamOB to sync attendance report on same platform.

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Virtual room

Virtual room

Some time in busy schedules team leader/managers wanted to know what exactly going on within team. This information might help these senior persons to correct the team if they visually notice some wrong approach or activity. TeamOB workdiary makes it easy. This is a platform where you can see series of snaps taken in random intervals from the remote computers. These snaps are summarize on project basis and it is easy for manager to know when work started, idle time and stop of work. This can be treated as summarize proof of work activity done in a particular day.

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