Virtual Workroom

Virtual Workroom, Monitor, Control, Analysis.

As your team members work on a given assignment, Admin can verify the time they have spent on those tasks by using work logger and reports, the user can mark completion of task as they complete their assignment. This provides an end to end tracking of assignment for admin and Clients


  • Breakdown of assignment
  • Assign task to users on priority basis
  • Provide an estimate for individual task
  • Mark status of each task on real time
  • Report your task progress on the same view as your work logger
  • Add or remove a work logger activity details
  • Offline registration for task that you worked on during a time period is not showing up on your work logger, you can add it as a.
  • Ability to approve or reject time and task progress

TeamOB Team helps you to stay focused, plan effectively & meet deadlines. The software is 100% spyware, worm free and does not collect any personal information from your computer. It simply takes a snap of your desktop on regular intervals and uploads this to secure web space. Along with snap it also record your keystrokes and mouse events percentage. Once started the software will keep running from your system tray and you will have full control.

 Manage Team
 Manage Clients
 Manage Projects
 Review Workdiary
 Review Timesheet
 Project Report
 User Reports

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