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How Workforce Productivity Insight Software Can Help Your Business?

Data analysis and software are the keys to using employee management to answer strategic questions. Use it to spot trends, analyze performance and monitor these workforce analytics KPI.

Companies might want to improve productivity by limiting distractions, understand the employee behaviours or just want to see where a company's time and resources are going. It is designed to create a visibility around employee activities maintaining productivity calibrations and making work more transparent, focussed and towards the common aim of employee and employer. TeamOB is an enterprise grade product for Windows, Linux & Mac computers. The platform support also gets extended to VDI environments like AWS workspace, Citrix and many more on on-premise & Software as a service. By deploying TeamOB organizations can cater to needs in the area of -

  • Time Tracking

  • Attendance & Shift management

  • Employee Absenteeism Analysis

  • Screen Forensik

  • Task Management with customizable fields

  • Employee Digital Activity Tracking

  • Productivity Management

  • Visual Analytics Platform

  • Incident Management

  • Custom Objects Automation

We are more than a productivity tool

1. Workforce Insight Using BI Tool

2. Customizable Task Management

3. Telecaller Management

4. Desktop Monitoring and Alerts

Available to install on all operating systems

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  • available for Windows

    Available for Windows

  • available for Linux

    Available for Linux

  • available for Mac

    Available for Mac

Our Solutions

What We Offer?

TeamOB offer advanced set of data analysis tools and metrics for comprehensive workforce performance measurement, monitoring and improvement. We are committed to helping you stay focused, plan effectively, optimize cost and generate more revenue in your business. Our solutions to automate common business workflow, data analysis, and business intelligence help organizations to get more in one place.

our solutions

TeamOB provides more workforce productivity insight and
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time tracking

Introduce time tracking
to your employees

To improve our-self, knowledge plays a vital role. Is it really need to introduce time tracking software with the employees?

importance of remote work for company's productivity

Is remote work beneficial for your
company's productivity?

The Work done by employees from home or any other place is actually beneficial for clients and employees as well.

teamob bi report to increase productivity

How to use teamob BI Report to increase productivity?

The Teamob Business Intelligence Report is the use of your data to make intelligent business decisions.

Ready for use of Workforce Productivity Insight Software?

We are committed to helping you stay focused, plan effectively, optimize cost and generate more revenue in your business
Connect your enterprise and modernize operations to transform your business.